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Pontchartrain Yacht Club was founded in 1967 during a gathering of interested yachtsmen. The Club was also accepted as a member of the United States Sailing Association in that same year. Since 1968, Pontchartrain Yacht Club has been a member of the Gulf Yachting Association, which incorporates 33 yacht clubs from Houston, TX to St. Petersburg, FL.

Over the years, Pontchartrain Yacht Club has produced many national sailing champions and a few world-class racers who have competed in the Adam’s Cup (women’s nationals), the Mallory Cup (men’s nationals), the Lipton Cup, the North American Catamaran Championships, and the Sunfish Worlds, to name a few. The club also has an active cruising contingent as well as power boaters.

In 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed the old club house and devastated much of the surrounding area. Pontchartrain Yacht Club re-opened using temporary quarters and began the rebuilding process. The new, elevated clubhouse was open for business in the early summer of 2007.

There are several sailing programs available to interested families. These include summer sailing camp for children (ages 8 – 14), Little Skippers Science Camp (ages 4-8), junior and adult competitive sailing team, adult lessons, casual racing on the weekends, and cruising the Gulf Coast.

The primary purpose of Pontchartrain Yacht Club is to support and promote the sport of sailing, to provide sailing instruction and boating safety, as well as related social activities.

There is always something going on at Pontchartrain Yacht Club. There is casual food available during the week including special Friday night chefs, the Commodore’s Ball, Caribbean Party, July 4 cookout, lobster dinners, fishing rodeo, Grill Nights, Sunday Brunch, and the PYC Book Club. When you’re not out on the water, you can enjoy the swimming pool and the relaxing environment at Pontchartrain Yacht Club.

The present membership continues to enjoy the ongoing camaraderie of Pontchartrain Yacht Club, thanks to that group of “interested yachtsmen” who met back in 1967.

Mission Statement for Pontchartrain Yacht Club

Pontchartrain Yacht Club located on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville is a family oriented, volunteer driven, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and encouraging participation in the sport of sailing, youth sailing instruction, and other boating related activities. The club also provides all members, their families and guests with a clubhouse and recreational facilities to enhance community and social gatherings in a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment. The club operates in a transparent and responsive manner while maintaining the highest ethical standards, and it actively supports our local civic and community organizations.

2021 Flag Officers

Court Richardson

Court Richardson


Richard Jones, Vice Commodore

Richard Jones

Vice Commodore

Mary McKeogh

Rear Commodore

2021 PYC Board of Directors

Adele Dauphin


Beatriz Dupuy


Mike Messina

House & Grounds

Clancey Powell

Clancey Powell


Elizabeth Callais


Max Albert

One Design


Kaia Schindler-Williams

General Manager

Email: [email protected]

Jamie Monlezun

Event Manager

Email: [email protected]

Nicole Cloen

Beverage Manager

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Allison Simmons


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